NOT Murphy Beds      NOT Sofa Beds ... NOT Wall Beds ... Cabinets Beds: more comfortable, less expensive, free standing
Cabinet Beds of Virginia

Your Best Alternative to a MURPHY BED
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Brushed Pekoe
Queen $1,899.00
Full $1,859.00

Solid White or Black
Queen $1,999.00

Coffee Creden-Z
Queen $1,899.00

Queen $1,899.00
If you’re looking for high quality and great pricing, you’ve come to the right place..... 
NOT Murphy Beds....Cabinets Beds are less expensive     NOT Sofa Beds...Cabinets Beds are more comfortable     NOT Wall Beds...Cabinets Beds are free standing
Our Flip Top Cabinet Beds are perfect anywhere an extra bed is needed.

This compact attractive cabinet features a large storage drawer and a usable top surface.
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The our Cabinet Bed is designed for ease of use,
features either 43" or 39" high top surface with
 a low center of gravity fold down front panel. 
This is an excellent choice to reclaim space 
anywhere an extra bed is needed.

  • Patented cabinet design closes to space saving 24 inches
  • Free-standing - no need to bolt to floors or wall
  • No need to move things from top surface
  • Large storage drawer holds pillows or bedding
  • 60 x 80 inch queen size tri-fold foam mattress uses standard size sheets
  • Real wood veneer
Shipping to anywhere in the continental United States
Our Cabinet Bed compared to a Murphy Bed

Our Cabinet Beds are freestanding; most Murphy Beds must be screwed
to the wall studs or floor for safety.

Our Cabinet Beds have an easily opened hinged front, no mechanical parts;
Murphy Beds require strong torsion springs or gas pistons to stabilize them.

Our Cabinet Beds have comfortable-stable mattress platform; most 
Murphy Beds have metal springs and metal frame to support the mattress.

Our Cabinet Beds have a dropdown front that supports the mattress; 
most Murphy Beds have wide fold out front doors for bed access.

Our Cabinet Beds are counter height stylish cabinets; Murphy Beds 
stand up almost to the ceiling.

Our Cabinet Beds have a mattress that gently folds out; most Murphy Beds require the mattress to be strapped on with elastic straps until opened.

Our Cabinet Beds use a memory foam mattress; many Murphy Beds have
a foam rubber or futon mattress.
QUEEN, Coffee & Pekoe MSRP $2,129   ...   Our Price $1,899
QUEEN, Cottage Black or White MSRP $2,249  ...   Our Price $1,999
Queen Studio Ash & Acacia MSRP $2,249   ...   Our Price $1,999
 FULL Coffee & Pekoe MSRP $2,029   ...   Our Price $1,859
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Studio Ash Queen
Studio Ash Queen